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Probiotics can be an important part of healing after Covid

Researchers are finding that Covid can disrupt your gut bacteria, and this can have many downstream effects. The gut microbiome is an important part of the immune system. Consider taking this probiotic Multiple studies have shown that Covid can significantly reduce the presence of  Lactobacillus Rhamnosus , a "friendly" bacterial strain.  Research suggests  that taking a course of this probiotic can help modulate your immune system and reduce inflammation. This probiotic is widely available with a well-established safety profile, spanning many years. It's important to read the ingredients to ensure Lactobacillus Rhamnosus specifically is in there. (Any brand should work, but check ingredients carefully because there are many other types of the Lactobacillus family.) You can find it commonly at online stores including here or here . Take the probiotic for 6 weeks, but not longer. Covid causes gut microbiome disruption A recent study published in the scientific journal Gut

Video: My Long Covid Story

I got Covid months ago. I’m still not right. I am a long hauler . Please take some time to listen . Omicron is going to hit this planet — hard . We must dispense with calling it a mild illness, because *any* Covid infection can cause Long Covid . Don't panic. But step-up your game to protect yourself.

Top 5 "words to live by" for recovering from Covid

Don't overdo it. It's not all in your head. Seek healthcare providers that listen to you. Be ready for unexpected turns and big setbacks. Ask for help.

Medications for Covid recovery: the H1/H2 antihistamine combo

The H1/H2 histamine receptor blockade  helps manage inflammation and overactive immune system for many people as they recover from Covid-19. This may help you treat a temporary condition called Histamine intolerance. The H1/H2 blockade can help reduce your overall symptoms, including ones that are seemingly unrelated to your immune system. Select one from the H1 category and one from the H2 category. You can find a full list here . Many are available over-the-counter. Take them for a period of two weeks. If things are not getting better, select a different medication from the H1 or H2 list. Keep a journal of your symptoms over time. (I like to use an app called Bearable .) Through trial-and-error, I found that Claritin and Pepcid AC were best for me -- but everyone is different. I no longer take Pepcid, but Claritin still helps reduce some symptoms. Keep in mind that H1 blockers can cause drowsiness, so you might want to take them before a nap or before bedtime. Also it may not be wise

The IncellDX treatment protocol for Covid Long Haulers is a service run by a company called IncellDX , who have developed a test that they say can identify immunologic profiles unique to COVID long haulers. They've published a study and have created a service that includes testing, suggested medication and in some countries, a doctor referral network for Long Haulers. Keep in mind that I have no way to confirm or refute that their treatment is effective, other than that I've heard many anecdotal success stories from other long haulers. IncellDX seems to be "ahead of the pack," at least, for now. They've identified a regimen of suggested prescription medications. These medications can be prescribed off-label; they've been widely available for years and and have well-established safety profiles. There's a $360 fee to get the blood test, and a $199 consulting fee for each telehealth consultation. You'll also need to have your own doctor who will prescribe the medications for you. The pr