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What to do if you get Covid

UPDATED April 2024 If you get Covid, your might be tempted to just let things resolve on their own. But any Covid infection can result in post-viral symptoms that can last for weeks, months or longer. You may be able to avoid the worst lingering symptoms if you act swiftly to reduce the duration and severity of illness. According to Dr. Akiko Iwasaki, Yale immunologist: " the quicker one can eliminate the virus , the less likelihood of developing persistent virus or autoimmunity, which may drive long Covid." If you're confirmed Covid positive This advice is based-on what I've learned through reading science journals. Click on a link to read the source. Don't just "ride it out." Contact your health provider and ask for treatment, even if it needs to be done remotely. If your provider tells you to "wait and see," tell them you want to be proactive to reduce illness severity and duration and avoid long term problems. Find a "Test-to-treat Cen