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Manage your energy envelope and avoid crashes

When you're recovering from Covid, you may experience a sudden worsening of symptoms. Many of us call them "crashes." When a crash happens, stop and think about what you've done in the last few hours, and in the last couple of days. Crashes may happen as a delayed consequence of increased activity. If you encounter a crash, here are some things you can do to manage through it. This post needs some updating. I'll post more here when I can. Below are two really good articles about managing POTS ( Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)  and PEM (Post Exertional Malaise). Using a heart rate monitor to manage Post Exertional Malaise CDC guide into treating your most disruptive symptoms My Experience: I used the formula to calculate my first estimated "ceiling." From then on, I started paying very close attention to how I felt and would check my pulse when I started to feel something "coming on." This gave me a better picture of when to stop a

Is Long Covid rooted in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

An interesting scientific paper suggests that  Covid-19 hyperinflammation and post-Covid-19 illness may be rooted in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome . Is it MCAS, or just an overactive immune system? Hopefully time will tell.

Crash: What to do if you get overheated, foggy or don't feel well

A practical list of things that I do when I have a crash  ...or if I start to "feel something coming on" Lie down with feet above heart and head Cool-down the room temperature; open windows, turn-on fans or use the AC Hydrate, consume cold food & drinks (water, fruit, sugar-free popsicles); a light snack might help Cool head and neck if needed: use a cooling hoodie (keep in kitchen drawer) or cooling head ice pack (keep band in drawer + packs in fridge) Check for signs of stroke or heart attack, just in case. (Call 911 if signs are there) Put on compression clothing (if not already wearing) Reduce sensory stimuli (turn off music, close blinds, turn the lights down, close sliding doors if it's noisy) If outside, get to shade quickly and sit or lay down Give yourself a scalp massage to promote lymphatic drainage Take a nap Consider using a cooling pillow mat (keep in fridge) Consider taking CBD Alternately consider moving your body around to promote circulation, if you

Mike's Long Covid Symptoms

Since August 2020 I’ve been experiencing significant cognitive impairment, acute fatigue and various recurring symptoms - all of which come in "waves". Sometimes I feel alright only to feel bad again after a few days. Below is a detailed list of everything. Primary symptoms: • Cognitive impairment • Brain fog, confusion • Orthostatic intolerance; unable to stay upright for very long (I find some relief by elevating my feet) • Slowness of thought, inability to express myself, slow or slurred speech • Dizziness when I stand up • Heart pounding (though not always associated with a faster pulse) • General fatigue (body energy level feels similar to having an illness such as the flu) • Fatigue after light or no exertion • Unusual warmth and pressure in my skull (even though I haven’t had a fever) • Extreme dry eyes • Sensory overload • Persistent tinnitus • Dramatic sensitivity to sun and heat (even just a few minutes of direct sunlight will drain me quic