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Crash: What to do if you get overheated, foggy or don't feel well

A practical list of things that I do when I have a crash ...or if I start to "feel something coming on"

  • Lie down with feet above heart and head
  • Cool-down the room temperature; open windows, turn-on fans or use the AC
  • Hydrate, consume cold food & drinks (water, fruit, sugar-free popsicles); a light snack might help
  • Cool head and neck if needed: use a cooling hoodie (keep in kitchen drawer) or cooling head ice pack (keep band in drawer + packs in fridge)
  • Check for signs of stroke or heart attack, just in case. (Call 911 if signs are there)
  • Put on compression clothing (if not already wearing)
  • Reduce sensory stimuli (turn off music, close blinds, turn the lights down, close sliding doors if it's noisy)
  • If outside, get to shade quickly and sit or lay down
  • Give yourself a scalp massage to promote lymphatic drainage
  • Take a nap
  • Consider using a cooling pillow mat (keep in fridge)
  • Consider taking CBD

Alternately consider moving your body around to promote circulation, if you feel you have the energy to do so.

Questions to ask

  •  Do you feel foggy?
  •  Do you feel pressure in your head?
  •  Do you feel better after laying down?
  •  Does water help?
  •  When did you eat last? Have a light snack.
  •  Should you take a nap?

Things to check & write down

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Check hands, face and legs for discoloration
  • Journal/Write down date and time when it started (and the end time, if possible)

Additional proactive tips

  • Wear loose, well ventilated clothes
  • Avoid memory foam pillows and plush pillow cases because they can increase temperature (use satin or cooling pillow cases instead)
  • Consider taking a lukewarm shower (but be careful if standing is difficult)
  • Look into the same techniques that people have published for migraines and read about other techniques for inflammation management