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CDC Webinar: "Treating Long COVID: Clinician Experience"

Today's CDC webinar was really enlightening. You can watch a replay and download the slide deck from the CDC website.

The webinar is broken into 3 sections:

  • Introduction: a review of what many of us already know.
  • Pulmonology: things get interesting with the first guest presenter. Her talk includes a case study, treatments, physical rehabilitation and more. (Segment starts around 10min25sec and Slide 21 in the deck.)
  • Neurology: for me, this talk was simply fascinating. The presenter discusses what they're seeing in the Yale Post Covid Center, and talks about the overlap of Long Covid with POTS, dysautonomia and small fiber neuropathy. It was also such a relief to hear someone articulate all the things I've been experiencing myself. Stick with her talk through the audio issues -- it's compelling. (Segment starts around 27min35sec and Slide 33 in the deck.)

There are no cures presented here. But they do talk about treatments, patterns they're seeing, and other insights that I found valuable.