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Supplements for Covid recovery: Niacin and the NAD+ Stack

The NAD+ stack may help your body rebuild energy creation at the cellular level. I took this for about 6 months and found it yielded a small improvement in energy.

It's not a cure. It doesn't work for everyone, and you probably shouldn't take it daily for the long term.

Perhaps the most important part is Nicotinic acid (which is one particular kind of Niacin. There are other types of Niacin available -- from what I can tell, Nicotinic acid is the best one for Long Haulers.)

This guy named Gez explains the NAD+ stack well.

What Gez takes:
• Nicotinic acid: Start at a low dose (10-20mg) and work up
• Selenium: 100mcg / day
• Zinc gluconate: 15-30mg / day
• Quercetin: 500mg 3x / day
• Vitamin C: 500-1000mg 3x / day
• Vitamin D: 3-5000iu / day

What I take (same list but slightly different doses):
• Nicotinic acid: I gradually worked my way up to 500 mg per day
• Selenium: (I don't take this one because I'm sensitive to it)
• Zinc gluconate 50mg / day
• Quercetin: 500mg 2x/day
• Vitamin C: 1000mg 2x/day
• Vitamin D: 4000 IU/day

Niacin causes flushing in many (most?) people. At first I thought "no big deal," but as I increased my dose I started to realize why some people don't like it... it can make your skin turn red and feel like it's on fire! While uncomfortable, it seems to be a harmless side effect. (Some purists suggest that this flushing is particularly beneficial.) After a couple months of this I grew tired of it, so I went to an extended release capsule.

For about 6 months I took this protocol alongside the H1/H2 blockade.